Condensation is the change of the physical form of water from a gas to a liquid resulting in small droplets of water forming on the inside of the lens. Halogen lights run much hotter than LED lights which also helps evaporate the condensation in lights. Stock halogen headlamps are routinely designed with a vent or built in breather membrane that allows airflow in and out to dissipate condensation. This membrane does not allow water ingress (water leaking into a light).

As the LED produces heat, it does create a slight pressure and temperature differential between the cooler outside air and the warmer air inside the lens. The air moves towards the heat. As LED’s run much cooler that halogen and don’t create enough heat to dissipate the moisture filled air, it can take more time for condensation to dissipate. These are natural causes of condensation and in most cases condensation will dissipate over time. The amount of time it takes for condensation to dissipate depends on the environmental conditions including weather and humidity.

We recommend the use of LED bulbs with a fan cooling system if you experience persistent condensation in your headlights. The fan cooling LED bulbs run on higher temperature and the fan blow the air inside the headlamp housing and boost and evaporation of condensation.

Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, the housing or sealing of the light. Leaks generally do not occur (which case there is water ingress that could lead to a system failure) during normal LED upgrade. The explanation contained herein is intended to help end users differentiate between these two conditions so they understand what, if anything, needs to be done.

In the rare occurrence where water ingress and leaking is occurring and you have a significant amount of water entering a light or housing, please contact our support team so we can investigate and help you with your case.


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