As one of the foremost LED lighting resources throughout north america, ARC Lighting is continously researching new and innovative LED lighting concepts and products.

Once a product is approved as a concept, engineered and created as a physical product and been through durability, electrical, optics and engineering testing, a following phase is to test a product in a controlled environment on a wide range of vehicles.

ARC Lighting routinely works with local and regional dealerships, upfitters, retrofit shops, mechanic shops, individuals and commercially avaialble resources to help make sure our products fit your vehicle. As a company we get under vehicles and measure, test and create databases of content in order to be as accurate as possible with electronic and fitment data. We are looking for individuals to help us grow our always expanding database of content.

If you are interested in having your vehicle or equipment tested at our shop and outfitted with some of the latest LED lighting products, we would like to learn more about this opportunity to work together. We ask that you leave your vehicle at our shop for 2-3 days and allow us to measure and fit test our LED lights. We usually work with the vehicles existing equipment and connections.

Opportunites exist to test LED lights, light bars, light cubes, fog lights, turn signals, strobes, laser lights, heavy duty construction lighting and more. Details are available per test configuration proposal. In order to participate in this exciting and evolving opportunity, please contact us using the form below. We will get back to you if there is a fit in the current testing curriculum.

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    While we can test in 8 hours or less, we generally like to have a vehicle available for 48-72 hours