Concept Pod Pro

Cutting edge performance starts with cutting edge technology. To achieve precision beams that meet demanding SAE standards, our new street-legal Concept Pods are equipped with automotive-grade Osram OSLON LEDs and TIR projector lenses. These LED performance light pods are designed to be as slim and compact as possible so that they can be installed anywhere on a vehicle for improved visibility and safety on the road. All Concept Pods are SAE certified for use on any roadway in the USA.


• Light Output: 1,500 lm
• Power: 20W @ 13.6V DC
• Current: 1.5 A @ 13.6V DC
• Voltage: 10 – 36V DC
• Dimensions (H,W,D): 3.0″ x 3.0″ x 2.6″
• LED Manufacturers: Osram (Oslon)
• Beam Patterns Available:
       • Fog Light
       • Driving (Auxiliary High Beam)
       • Flood/Reverse
• Compliance Available: SAE J581, J583, J593
• Warranty: 3 years
Concept PODS
41022 Driving Cube SAE J581
41122 Flush Mount, Driving Cube SAE J581
41012 Fog Cube SAE J583
41122 Flush Mount, Driving Cube SAE J583
41013 Fog, Yellow Cube SAE J583
41113 Flush Mount, Fog, Yellow Cube SAE J583
41042 Flood Cube SAE J593
41142 Flush Mount, Flood Cube SAE J593
41511 Driving Round SAE J581
41512 Fog Round SAE J583
41521 Driving Round SAE J581
41522 Fog Round SAE J583