ARC Bulb POP Display (Metal) – 10004

MSRP $225.99 USD

Dealers and installers can use this POP display to demonstrate the ARC RapidAim and Xtreme product as well as a test kit for LED bulbs or LED lamps (Power Output <40W)

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The new metal POP display has been updated by learning from years of field use and experience. The new display includes a 110v AC volt power supply connected to the RapidAim and Xtreme bulbs. It can be used to demonstrate the power and brightness of Concept and Xtreme bulbs. Also provided are leads with alligator clips used to test the bulbs for normal operation.

There is (1) Universal Test Adapter and (3) Bulb Specific Test Adapters included in the test kit.

Question: Can this POP be used to test if a bulb is operational?
Answer: Yes, for all but the HID bulbs, one can use the 12vdc provided leads with alligator clips to test if a bulb will light up.