Eco Series 921 (T15) LED Light Bulbs Red (2 EA)-3115R

MSRP $25.52 USD

Eco series LED bulbs offer improved style and visibility at a great price. The size is similar to the OEM bulb so converting to LED bulbs is as easy as changing the stock bulb. The smooth 360° diffused lens illumination brightens the darkest spaces and make your vehicle stand out.


● Diffused 360° lens creates smooth all around illumination.
● Compact size similar to stock bulb to ensure there are no fitment or clearance issues.
● Polarity reversible contact points.
● 2 year warranty.

LED Source: up to 23 x Philips 3020 LEDs
Up to 600LM total output per bulb (high mode) Color: White/Amber/Red
Current draw: 0.65A @ 12V (high mode)
Voltage: 9V – 18V DC

2 LED Bulbs

Please refer to the detailed user manual below to assist you during your installation. It is the same material that is in the LED bulb box packaging.

We have created some installation examples to showcase the recommended steps you should take to make your upgrade a clean and fast install.

Download User Manual
Showcase Of Installation Material

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