Headache Rack Bracket Type A – BB96RHA

MSRP $76.99 USD

Universal headache rack bracket to add on light bars on different brands of headache racks. StrobeLink™ is a patent-pending strobe light install kit that simplifies the installation of strobe lights on work trucks. No cutting or splicing, using this kit can potentially reduce labor costs by up to 75%. Easy replacement of damaged lights, minimizing downtime.

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Stainless steel bracket and hardware
Magni coated hardware to prevent corrosion
300 hour salt spray tested
High intensity foam gasket

● Universal headache rack mount bracket to add light bar to different brand and style of headache rack.
● High strength rust free stainless steel bracket
● Magni coated hardware to prevent corrosion
● 300 hour salt spray rated black power coating

● 2 x L Bracket

Please refer to the detailed user manual below to assist you during your installation. It is the same material that is in the LED bulb box packaging.

We have created some installation examples to showcase the recommended steps you should take to make your upgrade a clean and fast install.

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