Xtreme Series H13 LED Bulb Kit – 22131

MSRP $264.88 USD

The Xtreme series LED bulbs use automotive grade LED chips that are paired with patented cooling technology. That makes the Xtreme series some of the brightest LED bulbs on the market which routinely outshine most 35W HID systems.

Bulky fan cooling systems are history. The Xtreme series cooling fan has been designed to be as compact as possible to match the stock bulb in order to fit in even the tightest spaces! Get the Xtreme series and you won’t be in the dark again.

Light Output10,000 Lumens (per kit)
Color Temperature6500K
LEDsHigh Output LED Chipset
Power45W per bulb
Current3.0A at 13V DC per bulb
Voltage9 – 16V DC
Beam Angle360° Degrees
WaterproofIP 65

Extreme Brightness: If you are looking for the brightest monster of all it’s our Xtreme series LED headlight bulb. The Xtreme Series bulbs can produce up to 5X the light output of stock halogen bulbs and are brighter than a 35W HID system.

Fitment: LED bulbs with the fan based cooling system are known for being bulky and do not easily fit inside headlight housings with a dust cover. The Xtreme Series are designed to be as compact as the stock bulb to fit even in the tightest spaces! They are compatible with most reflector and projector housings.

Efficiency: The patented VacPipe™ vacuum heat pipe cooling technology is the core of thermal management. The vacuum liquid heat pipe pulls produced heat from the circuit board 3X more efficiently than a conventional heat sink design.

Reliability: TurboCool™ system is managed by using an enclosed, waterproof, high speed ball bearing turbofan. SmartDrive™ advanced temperature regulation ensures the longevity of the cooling system and helps the Xtreme LED bulbs avoid premature failures consistent with other fan cooled LED bulbs.

2 High Power LED Bulbs
1 Adjustment Tool (where applicable)
1 Instruction Guide

Please refer to the detailed user manual below to assist you during your installation. It is the same material that is in the LED bulb box packaging.

We have created some installation examples to showcase the recommended steps you should take to make your upgrade a clean and fast install.

Download User Manual
Showcase Of Installation Material

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