Concept Pod Pro Max 5, 5” Cube, Driving Beam, U Bracket Mount, Tri Color DRL White/Amber/Red (2 EA) – 4232D

MSRP $608.88 USD

The Concept Pod Max is a 5” auxiliary driving light that features a powerful four LED chip array and a focused reflector designed to give the Pod Max 5,000 lumens of darkness destroying output. Each light features a three color halo ring with individual trigger wires. This allows you to choose white, red or amber to create a unique style to enhance your vehicle’s appearance. They are also very functional. You can run these halos off the vehicles STT in red for additional rear visibility and increased safety. Connect the amber halo to the parking and / or turn signals for even greater visibility and increased safety. Amber or white can also be used as Daytime Running Light (DRL). But when the darkness comes, switching on the Concept Pod Max will scare it away.

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Effective Power63W
Voltage12-48V DC
LED Chip20W (4PCS)
White, Amber and Red Running Light
Color Temperature5700K-6700K
Stainless steel bracket
  • High power driving light
  • 5,000 effective lumens per light
  • Tri color halo running light in amber, white & red linkable bracket available for roof or bumper mount
  • 2 X LED Lamps
  • 2 X Clear Lens
  • 2X Amber Lens
  • 2 X Black Out Lens
  • 2 X DT Wire Pigtails
  • 1 X 2 Output Wiring Harness
  • 2 X U Mount Brackets and Hardware

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